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Abigail Ford is a published author, with two published books under her belt and another on the way. Here she talks about her life experiences, goals, dreams, aspirations, memories, and lessons she has learned.

You can also keep track of her new books, find out about them, sneak peeks, due dates of when they are available for purchase, and more.

Sometimes you don’t have to wait until you are an adult to live out your dream. After all, Abigail was just a teenager when she published her first book.

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One thought on “About Abigail Ford”

  1. Hey girl! Your dad posted one of your topics you were talking about. Really good! I hope you guys are doing well. Everyone misses you guys. Hope to see you all soon.!

    I am very proud of your website! Keep it up girl! 🙂
    Love you!
    Mariah 🙂

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