Blue Hair Because I Care

Yep. That title is for real. And Yep, I’m really going to be talking about that.

I have blue hair now. Blue hair is cool.

Anyways, now that I’ve gotten that Doctor Who reference out of my system, I actually do have blue hair! I got the ends of my hair dyed this past week. Pretty exciting. It kinda fades from my blonde into the blue, and I love it.

And you know what else is great about it? It makes me crack up. Why? Because the way people react when they see it is hilarious. The way their eyes go wide. Their face looks shocked. How they try to act all polite and tell me it’s “cool” (which it TOTALLY is, for the record. And some people actually do think it’s cool. And they tell me. And I love it. But I just don’t think all people who tell me actually think so)

I find it hilarious how some people think it’s such a big deal. They seem to act like it will last for the rest of my life, when in reality it will probably last only for a couple months. I laugh at how they almost assume I did it without my parent’s consent, when my Father is the one who actually dyed it. I find it hilarious how they act like it was out of rebellion, when it totally wasn’t. Otherwise my parent’s wouldn’t have bought the dye for me.

So, yeah. I care. I care about myself. I care about myself enough to express myself. I’m quiet on the outside. When you first meet me, I may not talk much to you. It’s just how God made me. But once you get to know me, I can be quite talkative. I feel as though putting my favorite color in my hair tells you, “there’s more to me than I let on”, and I enjoy that. I like how every time I look in the mirror now I think, “my hair looks AWESOME!” and then I go on with my life. It’s part of my style. You could say it’s part of who I am. And to call it “just a phase”, is really belittling my personality and how I express myself.

One lady actually told me, “don’t worry, my daughter put blue in her hair, too. It was just phase. She grew out of it. So no worries, you will too! It’s just a phase! No offense to you.” I was dumbfounded. I was in shock and didn’t know how to reply. So I guess I really didn’t. A friend of mine (who happens to be in her early thirties with two kids) has purple in her hair. A nose-piercing. Plans for a large, second tattoo. And you know what? If it’s “just a phase”, then that is a really long one for her. For her, it’s just how she expresses herself. She uses it as a conversation starter. To seem more down-to-earth. She is a wonderful Christian lady who loves God, a lot. Who has devoted herself and her family to living for God full-force in a pretty difficult way. She doesn’t think it’s that hard, but I know it is. It has nothing to do with her age or her spiritual life. It has everything to do with her style. She likes it. She thinks it looks good. So it may not be dying your hair. Or getting a tattoo or a piercing. Maybe you have some really other funky way of expressing yourself. Maybe it’s music. Poetry. Painting. Math. Running. Talking. Fixing things. Wearing plaid. I don’t know. But do it, and forget what people say about it. You need to care about yourself enough to express who you are, and your style. And you need to care enough about other people to just ignore what they say and inspire them to just be themselves.

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