Why I Almost Didn’t Write My Book

In the Spring of 2014, I started on a journey that I didn’t even know I was starting. Writing my very first book, and starting my career. But here’s the thing…

I didn’t want to start on that journey.

Is that a surprise? Well, maybe, maybe not. Back then, in 9th grade, I liked writing a lot, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere, and I wasn’t even considering it for a career choice. I didn’t even know that it was a passion yet! And I honestly fought not to start this book. But I wasn’t even fighting God, no, I didn’t know what He had planned at all. I was actually fighting my parents.

It all started when in my Creative Writing book (remember I am homeschooled) it called for us to do an outline for a short story. I had never done an outline before, and I loathe short stories (not reading, just writing them,) so when my Mom (and my teacher) said I had to do it I was frustrated and quite upset. I tried to convince her that it was stupid and pointless. That I wouldn’t do well with an outline. That it would go no where. And I’m sure a ton of other excuses.

But, thankfully, my Mom persisted. She insisted that I do it and I grumbled, but then complied. And my goodness, I am so glad I did.

That outline I did ended up becoming a dream of mine. After doing it I thought “Hey, this isn’t a half bad story! I could actually do this!” Now, I might not have used the entire outline, but I used quite a bit of it, and I am now convinced I could not have done it without the outline. I now write all my stories with a part of the outline from that project I did.

Sometimes we don’t see the big picture. We don’t think that the things God tells us to do with help us. Maybe we think they will bore us. Be futile. Maybe even hurt us. But in the end, God sees it all, and He knows what He is doing. Obedience is key. Sometimes we can’t take that leap of faith for Him to use us if we don’t just trust Him first. The thing is, God could have said “Forget it, I’m not going to let you and your book prosper since you grumbled, complained, and argued!” But He didn’t. He still used me, and He taught me a lesson through all of it, that obeying your parents really does give you a blessing, and it pleases God! (Colossians 3:20, Ephesians 6:1)

Honestly, I didn’t deserve to be blessed and rewarded. I wasn’t trusting, I didn’t want to do it, but God taught me that sometimes that biggest reaping you can get is if you sow the seeds you don’t want to plant, but trust Him enough to do it anyways, even though you don’t feel like it. If we go based on feelings, we will never get anything done. I never feel like doing work. Moses didn’t feel like going to Egypt. And surely Jonah didn’t feel or want to go to Nineveh, and look at him! He resisted, didn’t trust and obey God, and look how he ended up.

God often blesses us and rewards us even though we may not deserve it. Although we grumble and complain. It reminds me of the story of Sarah in Genesis, when God comes to Abraham and Sarah, and tells them that they will have a child. In Genesis 18:12 it says that Sarah actually laughed at that, not believing it since she and her husband were so old and “worn out”. God very well could have said “Forget it, I will not give you a child because of your unbelief.” But he didn’t. He still gave her Isaac, as promised.

So, obey your parents, especially your heavenly Father, and trust them. Trust God in your parents, that would be my advice for all the young adults/teenagers reading this. For adults, trust God, and follow and obey Him earnestly. And realize that sometimes, even though you don’t feel like it, doing the hard thing is the most rewarding thing.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:13-14

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  1. Big congrats on your book Abigail! I think God is just smiling down at your faith to trust Hin, even when you had difficulty believing. And look what The Lord has done through you. It’s only the beginning of your glorious journey with Him. Go for it with all your heart.

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